Bufarini is a leading company in the provision of efficient and qualified sewer and septic tank cleaning services, operating with professionalism and punctuality. In fact, the company is standard setting in the market, for its ability to perform services characterised by timeliness and efficient results. It specialises in the draining and cleaning of: septic tanks, road wells, sewer systems and fuel tank clean-up. Thanks to its staff and the advanced technologies available, the company intervenes on sewer systems laid either vertically or horizontally.

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    Sludge from car wash tanks and mechanic workshops

    Cleaning with removal of mud and sludge with high-pressure hydrodynamic washing.

    Biological waste collection, transport and treatment

    Routine maintenance, for private customers and companies, of septic tanks and/or separators of any volume up to 28 m3.

    Unclogging of sewers and ducts

    We solve any type of clogging with special nozzles designed for even large-scale unclogging, such as roots, detergent, polyurethane foam, soil and non-biodegradable sediments.

    High pressure road and yard washing

    Street, yard, industrial warehouse interior cleaning service with manual high pressure water street washer, or combined with degreasing and disinfectant detergents.

    Irrigation water transport

    Drawing and transporting water from our wells, controlled by an authorised laboratory, for the irrigation of lawns and vegetable gardens.